Cracked feet also known as heel fissures, cracked heels are a common foot problem. Mostly it is caused by lack of moisture. There are many people who have cracked skin on their feet, this can occur in both adults and children, and it seems to affect women more often than men.
For most people having cracked heels isn’t serious, it may cost discomfort when going barefoot. Sometimes, crack heels can become so deep and it can cause pain. Other causes include standing for long hours, using hard soaps, cold weather, being overweight and wearing improper footwear. Conditions like, thyroid diseases can also contribute to this problem.
There are many symptoms of cracked heels like red or flaky patches, peeling skin, itchiness,bleeding from cracks and pain. Cracked feet look unattractive and sometimes it can lead to infection and extreme pain.

Causes of cracked feet
Having cracked feet can be endorsed too many factors from dryness. The pressure on your feet from excessive standing positions, and some medical conditions can cause cracked feet.

  • Dry Feet
    One cause of cracked feet is dryness. It causes due to lack of moisture as, it gets exaggerated during the cold weather of winter. We can maintain warmth by wearing heavy socks and by enjoying long hot showers and baths. Other causes of dry feet include dehydration, less use of moisturizing lotion and using chemical soaps on feet. Diet can have an indirect effect on the amount of dryness of our feet, as well as lack of nutrients.
  • Medical conditions
    There is a reason for cracked heels, such as diabetes, thyroid disorder, eczema, and psoriasis. These medical conditions draw moisture from skin leading to dry skin. If you suffer from heel spurs, athlete’s foot, flat foot, you are at risk of a cracked foot.
  • Obesity
    As a pressure on the heels and soles of feet can cause dry skin to crack, obese patients may
    suffer to cracked skin conditions. This can be prevented by wearing shoes with heel pads or cups, which keep the skin from expanding under the pressure of body weight.

Everyday skin care for feet
Keep your skin clean every day; it is a good way to protect your heels. Avoid dry soap
because they are heavily fragranced and full of chemicals so it may dry out the skin more.
Try a light and gentle, fragrance-free, non-irritating cleanser. Use moisture to protect your
skin and it keeps oily and shiny. You can also use coconut oil for cracked feet and it’s also beneficial for dry skin also. It can help your skin to retain moisture. Using coconut oil after a
foot soak could be the good option too. Coconut oil is completely anti-inflammatory and
germs free and antimicrobial properties may heal your cracked heels.

Other natural remedies can also help for cracked feet,these include:-

1. Vinegar, for a foot soaks
2. Olive oil
3. Vegetable oil
4. Shea butter
5. Oatmeal mixed with oil

SUSHAMA MALAM (Skin disorder, Chapped lips, cracked heels)
These pills are formulated from herbs. Nyctanthes arbur tristis 3 xs; Ocimum sanctum 3x.
These pills are useful in skin diseases and other infections. Take two pills twice daily. To avoid the side effects of strong medicines – take 2 pills 4 times daily.

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