KRISHNAKESHA TAILARK (Maintain natural hair shade)
This oil concentrate contains Maka (Eclipta alba) 3X-1.25%; Amla (Embilika officinalis) 3X -1.25%; Heena (Lawsonia inermis) 3X-1.25%; Bramhi (Centelia asiatica) 3X-1.25%. Mix 10ml of Tailark Krushnakesha with 100ml of Coconut oil and shake it rigorously before applying to hair. Apply to scalp and hair with fingertips at bedtime. TakeKrushnakesha pills along with this oil. If possible put one drop of oil in each nostril to render even better results. It takes 6 months to 2 years for getting good results depending upon age and severity. Oil helps to maintain natural hair colour.

This tailark is made of Badam (Prunus amygdalus) 3X-0.83%; Vad (Ficus bengalensis) 3X-0.83%; Durva (Cynodon dactylon) 3X-0.83%. In a low birth weight baby to be used (externally) along with Gutika Subala. The whole content is shaked and mixed with 100 ml of coconut oil or preferably castor oil for better results. In case of pendulous – breasts, massaging helps strengthen the muscles. It is observed that in conditions like weakness of penis muscles, massaging tones up the organ. Should be used with Gutika Stambhana for better results, though just the use of oil is sufficient.

This tailark is made of Guggal (Commiphera mukul) 3X-1.25%; Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica) 3X-1.25%. It is primary remedy. The entire quantity is to be shaked vigorously and mixed with 100 ml. of oil. Ample quantity of oil should be poured on the umbilicus and gently massaged over the abdomen for 10-15 mins at bedtime and before bath. The symptoms are reduced within 10-12 days with increase in energy. Oil should also be massaged over the spine. In this condition use of the oil is the main remedy while Gutika are supplementary.

MAHILAMRUT TAILARK (Enjoy those four days)
This tailark is made of Ashok (Jenosia ashoka) 3X-0.62%; Jaswand (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) 3X-0.62%; Adulsa (Adha-toda vasica) 3X-0.62%; The whole quantity should be shaked and mixed with 100 ml. of oil and shaked vigorously. Should be used externally along with Gutika Mahilamrut in menstrual disorders. Gentle application on the lower abdomen gives immediate relief. Oil Balavardhini is used in addition, in case of uterine debility.

This tailark is made from Brahmi (Centelia asiatica) 3X-0.5%; Maka (Eclipta alba) 3X-0.5% Jaswand (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) 3X-0.5%; Vad (Ficus bengalensis) 3X-0.5%; Amla (Embilica officinalis) 3X-0.5%. The whole quantity should be shaked and mixed with 100 ml. of oil and shaked vigorously for five minutes. The oil should be applied generously to the scalp and hair. The hair will stop falling according to chronicity of the complaint In 5 – 6 months one could feel the growth of the hair. New hair growth is possible as long as the hair follicles are intact. In case of balding, hair growth is not possible. Application of Oil on the scalp and feet at bed time renders sound sleep.
Regular use of the Tailark and Gutika will stop graying of hair and the hair will grow healthy, thick silky smooth and long.

AGOM TAILARK (Vat vikar, Cuts, Wounds)
This Tailark is made from Bhallatak (Semicarpus ana-cardium) 3X-1.25%; Tumba (Leucas cephalotes) 3X- 1.25% Whole quantity of Tailark (extract) should be shaked and mixed with 100 ml. of and shaked vigorously for 5 mins. It gives extremely good results in Vata Vikar. In sprain, cramps, numbness, cold extremities, excessive body heat, backache, oil should be applied over the affected part and massaged over the spine. Cotton pad soaked in the oil should be placed or oil should be gently massaged in case of oedema of any origin. Gently applied on a blunt injury, contusions, sprains, burns, wound, abscess or any painful area. In case of Otorrhoea, oil prepared in castor oil should be put in ear after cleaning thoroughly. To arrest the bleeding (haemorrhage) instantly, a oil soaked swab should be placed over the bleeding wound. In case of inflamed piles, an oil soaked swab is to be placed in the anal canal and also applied externally. This relieves the symptoms and the swab falls off during next defaccation. Being very useful, this oil should always be kept handy.

SHAMA TAILARK (Acidity, Burning pain)
This extract is made from from Gulvel (Tinospora cordifolia) 3X-0.83%; Maka (Eclipta alba) 3X-0.83%; Umbar (Ficus glomarata) 3X-0.83%. Whole quantity should be shaked and mixed in 100 ml. of oil and shaked vigorously for five minutes. External use of this oil is necessary along with Gutika Shama giving immediate results. Cotton gauge soaked in this oil should be kept on the forehead in fever. In headache due to Pitta, oil should be applied to forehead and entire head. In case of Urinary problems like anuria, dribbling of urine, oil should be applied to the abdomen and the flanks along with Gutika Shama.

KAFANA TAILARK (cough and Cold)
This tailark is made from Adulsa (Adhatoda vasica) 3X-1.25%; Korphad (Aloe barbadensis) 3X-1.25%. The content of the bottle should be emptied after shaking in 100 ml. of oil and again shaked vigorously. It is necessary to use this oil along with Gutika Kaphana as it gives immediate results.In conditions like Cough, Common Cold, Cough with expect-oration this oil should be applied all over the chest, spine and forehead. If possible, to the whole body which will relieve headache and body ache.

BALAVARDHINI TAILARK (Indigestion, loose motion)
This tailark is made from Kuda (Holarrhena antidysenterica) 3X-0.83%; Bel (Aegle marmelos) 3X-0.83%; Harada (Terminalia chebula) 3X-0.83% As per the severity of the disease whole quantity of the Tailark (extract) should be shaked and mixed with 100 ml. of oil and again shaked vigorously. This oil strengthens the muscles of the visceral organs. This oil should be used externally with Gutika Pachansudha in abdominal disorders. In oedematous or weak intestines a gentle massage on the abdomen for 5 – 6 months proves helpful. In cardiac conditions, massage over the chest gives good results. This reduces the atony of the muscles of visceral organs. It is more effective when combined with Tailark Subala. It also shows an unusual property of destroying lice, if supported by having Balada Gutika.

Shama Tailark (Acidity, Burning pain)
This extract is made from Apply Shama Oil thoroughly over abdomen at least twice daily. It can also help improve functions of Levers. Spleen and Kidneys.A headache due to Pitta. Apply ample Oil on the head for instant results.

This Medicine is prepared from Mhaka ( Eclipla alba ) 3X-0.83%; Korphad (Aloe barbadensis) 3X-0.83%; Jaswand ( Hibiscus rosasinensis) 3X-0.83%. Local infection causes patchy hair loss of a specific area of scalp. The scalp becomes shiny. Shake the bottle and massage the oil on affected area twice daily.