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I and my family have been using Agom Medicines since 2002. You can avoid illnesses – cough, cold, pain etc without side effects; also, because of agom medicines, intake of unnecessary allopathy medicines has been avoided. We have had excellent results with 1) Tailark & Gutika – Shama, Kaphana, Agom, Keshranjana 2) Gutika – Pachansudha, Subala 3) Miscellaneous – Balwardhini Tailark, Suvarna Sutshekhar. Complaints section on is nice. Agom Medicines are blessing! Best Wishes!
Manas Phadke

I have been using various medicines of Agom. Over the years I have been also reccomending these products to my family friends.
Sharad Joshi, Nasik

I have been using ur products for around 6-7 years.and they r really amazing.kaphana gutika and tailark.and agom tailark and gutika are the medicines which I always have at home.other than that ur products like subala ,balada and ramban are also good.apart from that the price is also very reasonable.u guys r doing gr8 job .wish u luck .keep it up…
Shweta Arolkar

We are using all Agom products for a long time. All our family members of all age groups are very much satisfied with these products.We recommend use of these products to our FB friends.
Rajiv Agharkar

I had used Agom’s Kaphana Gutika & Pachansudha since my son was baby in 1988 – 89 & further in 1993 – 94. These were available in Dombivali then. Those are effective for all but most suitable for kids. I didn’t know the whole range till I talked with Mr. Mahajan couple of days before. Thanks MR. Mahajan. It was nice talking. Now i am trying some other medicines in the range. The range which has been developed is too good for current lifestyle. Thanks once again.
Anniruddha Oak

I am using the medicines of Agom since 2003. The journey started from medicines of kidney stone, Which i have referred to my friend. He got amazing results. Then no. of patients of kidney stone with all age groups got relief , including my mother in law. I have also used Agom “Gharcha Vaidya” as a family doctor for all the regular illness as cold , cough etc. I have seen that after use of Gharcha Vaidya for my child , it is very rare occasion to visit a physician. As most of the time it is done with the Agom. I found Agom medicines most effective not found any medicine cheaper than Agom. Thanks to Dr. Mahajan for long association with me & providing such a valuable service to the society.
Sandeep Umale