KRUMINA GUTIKA (Deworming pills)
These pills are prepared from Vavding (Embelia ribes) 3X-0.71%; Dalimb (Punica granatum) 3X-0.71%; Palas (Butea monsoperma) 3X-0.71%; Nimb (Citrus acida) 3X-0.71%; Gulvel (Tinospora cordifolia) 3X-0.71%; Arjun (Terminalia arjuna) 3X-0.71%; Kuda (Holarrhena antidysenterica) 3X-0.71%. These pills are helpful in controlling all types of worms.
Dose : Age 1-3 years – 2 pills at bed time .
Dose : Age 4 -10 years – 4 pills at bed time .
Dose : Adults – 8 to 10 pills at bed time .
Pills should be taken for 15 days and repeat after three months.

ASHMARI GUTIKA ( Urinary troubles)
These pills are made from Gokharu (Tribulas terrestris) 3X-1%; Pashanbhed (Berjenia ligulata) 3X-1%; Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) 3X-1%; Kulith (Dolichos bifiorus) 3X-1%; Vala (Vetiveria Zizannioides) 3X- 1%. Pills are helpful in Urine Stone, Burning Micturition. Disolve 8 – 10 pills in one litre of water. The water should be taken throughout day. Massage with Tailark Shama on stomach is useful.

KRISHNAKESHA GUTIKA (Maintain natural hair shade)
These pills contains Maka (Eclipta alba) 3X-1.25%; Amla (Embilika officinalis) 3X -1.25%; Heena (Lawsoniainermis) 3X-1.25%; Bramhi (Centelia asiatica) 3X-1.25%. Please use Tailark Krushnakesha along with these pills for better results. It takes 6 months to 2 years for getting results depending upon age and severity. Take four pills twice daily. Pills should be continued even after getting good results. These pills help to maintain natural hair colour.

GAVAMBU GUTIKA (Gomutra pills)
Prepared from the Gomutra 3X-5%; of young cows. In conditions when Gomutra is recommended, 4 pills taken 3 times daily show similar results. It is useful in disorders of lower jaw, pharynx, oral cavity, eyes, eyebrow and digestion. Water solution of 8 – 10 pills can be used externally as well.

Prepared from Kadunimba (Azadiracta indica) 3X-1.66%; Shevari (Bombax mulabaricum) 3X-1.66%; Vad (Ficus bengalensis) 3X-1.66%; which concentrates the semen, prevents night fall (wet dreams) in adolescence.In premature ejaculation-4 pills 2 times daily with water, regulates the ejaculation period. Oil subala should be supplemented which helps in toning the organ and preventing premature ejaculation.

ABHISARI GUTIKA (Helps to control blood pressure)
Prepared from Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) 3X-2.5% and Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentina) 3X-2.5%; Hypertension is categorised as a Vata Vikar in Ayurved which is caused due to occlusion in blood circulation, arteriosclerosis or vaso -dilatation. Therefore it is necessary to normalize the phy-siology of vata and improve the vascular function to control hypertension. Dose is 4 pills 4 times daily with water.

MEHARI GUTIKA (Helps to control Diabetes)
Prepared from Bel (Aegle marmelos) 3X-1%; Kadunimb (Azadiracta indica) 3X-1%; Jambul (Eugeniajamblana) 3X-1%; Bhava (Cassia fistula) 3X-1%; Bivala (Petrocarpus marsupium) 3X-1%; which is helpful incontrolling Diabetes. Dose is 4 pills 3 times daily with water.
Immediate changes in the treatment of Diabetes and Blood pressure should be avoided. The medical course should be continued along with these medicines and should be tapered on positive results. A frequent routine check up is necessary in these conditions.

PAYADA GUTIKA (Lactating pills)
Prepared from Dudhwel (Asparaagus racemosus) 3X-5% and are useful in increasing breast milk, in lactating mothers. Dose – 4 pills twice daily with milk. WHO has recommended that breast feeding should be compulsory for babies up to 4 months. WHO has declared Breast feeding is bests feeding to be stamped on every baby food product. With this we can hope that this slogan may by practiced by every lactating mother. This organization is against administrating strong drugs in infants and children.

Prepared from Badam (Prunus amygdalus) 3X-1.66%; Vad (Ficus bengalensis) 3X-1.66%; Durva (Cynodondactylon) 3X-1.66%; used as a tonic in weakness due to any cause such as parturition etc. Dose:- 4 pills twice daily with a cup of milk. A pregnant women should have Gutika Subala with milk for healthy foetal growth. In a marasmus / weak baby 2 pills twice a day with a cup of milk and massage of Subala oil is helpful.

BALADA GUTIKA (Teething Trouble)
Prepared from Vad (Ficus bengalensis) 3X-2.5%; Banana shoots 3X-2.5%. 4 pills 2 times a day to be given in teething problems of children. Similar dose is given in children eating mud. 4 pills of Gutika Balada should be taken twice daily for lice in hair.

SUSHAMA GUTIKA ( Skin disorder, Chapped lips, cracked heels )
Prepared from Parijataka (Nyctanthus arburtristis) 3X-2.5%; Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) 3X-2.5%. In skindiseases along with ointment Sushama 4 pills twice daily should be taken with water. The same solution is to be applied on the affected part prior to the ointment. In vomiting and diarrhea due acute poisoning, 8-10 pills of Sushama should be given along with Pachansudha. To counter the adverse side effects of strong medications 4 pills should be given 4 times a day. These pills are the ultimate medication for the excretion of toxic substances and to increase immunity in the body.

Prepared from Guggul (Commiphera mukul) 3X-2.5%; and Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica) 3X-2.5%, This preparation reduces the fat depositions and stimulates activeness in the body. The food we take is not properly animilated into blood and is converted into fat and its deposition under the skin causing lot of diseases. When the Manipur plexus behind the umbilicus is activated this derangement is met with. Yogasanas also achieve the same result but, in case Yogasanas are not possible, it is observed that medicines help to achieve the same result.4-5 pills should be taken with water early in the morning. Before bed time and bath, oil Chapala should be poured on the umbilicus and massaged over the abdomen. This fluid is excreted in the form of urine and sweat and results in excess urination and sweating, or loose motions some time. There is possibility that Kapha may be saturated in the body. In such conditions acute coryza may appear after starting the medicines. At this stage the Kapha should be allowed to drain which provides instant relief. This remedy efficiently excretes the harmful obnoxious substances accumulated in the body. This remedy increase capability and energy and does not produce weakness. This is the most important achievement of this remedy.

MAHILAMRUT GUTIKA (Enjoy those four days)
Prepared from Ashok (Jenosia ashoka) 3X-1.66%; Jaswand (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) 3X-1.66%; Adulsa (Adhatoda vasica) 3X-1.66%, commom complaints of modern life are irregular, heavy or scanty menses, abdominal pain during menses, 4 pills 4times a day should be taken. During menstruation 4 pills should be taken ½ hourly until the symptom depresses. 2 pills 4 times a day should be taken by a pregnant woman immediately after missing the menses. It is a boon in pregnancy. In unusual desires for strange things (in pregnancy) 4-20 pills are to be taken every hour with water as per the severity of the disorder. In case of pain in abdomen any time during pregnancy 8 pills at a time should be given every hour. If pain is due to other cause it will subside, in case of labour pains it will help easy parturition. Use of oil in such conditions gives better results. Use of oil is necessary and pills should be taken in large number.

RAMBAN GUTIKA (Baby Tonic – Balkadu)
Prepared from Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) 3X-1.25%, Bel (Aegle marmelos) 3X-1.25%, Adulsa (Adhatoda vasica) 3X-1.25%, Harda (Terminalia chebula) 3X-1.25%, can be used as a general tonic. In infants, 2 pills are to be given daily. The child will grow healthy. Two pills every 15 mins. Should be given when the child is restless or in case of flatulence. If the child vomits during lactation, 2 pills are to be given before feeding. 2 pills of Agom should be given in addition if vomiting persists. Used as supplementary in many disorders and helps prevent other disorders. In case of fatigue 2 pills along with Agom should be given every 15 mins. for 2-3 times. In headache, due to pitta 2 pills alongwith Shama are to be given and in headache due to common cold, 2 pills along with Kaphana are to be given.

AGOM GUTIKA (Vat vikar, Cuts, Wounds)
Prepared from Bhallataka (Semicarpus anacardium) 3X-2.5% and Tumba(Leucas cephalotes) 3X-2.5% very effective on Vata, promotes the actions of other medicines and helps to maintain the body temperature. 4 pills are to be taken 15 mins. Prior to meals in case of Flatulence, Cramps in extremities, Numbness, Backache,Dyspepsia Indigestion, Amla pitta. In case of neurological complaints in fever, rigors, weakness, cold extremities 2 – 4 pills are to be given every 15 mins.

KAPHANA GUTIKA (Cough and Cold)
These pills are made from Adulsa (Adhatoda vasica) 3X-2.5%; Korphad (Aloe barbadensis) 3X-2.5% and are useful in Common cold, Cough. Four pills 2 times a day with water are to be taken in the above conditions along with same number of pills of Agom. Use of oil Kaphana is necessary. In fever with cough and cold 2 pills of Kaphana along with Shama should be taken. For persisting cough after chronic fever 2 pills should be given along with Shama from the beginning.

SHAMA GUTIKA (Acidity, Burning pain)
These pills are prepared from Gulvel (Tinospora cordifolia) 3X-1.66%; Maka (Eclipta alba) 3X-1.66%; Umbar (Ficus glomarata) 3X-1.66%. It gives excellent results in conditions like burning micturition (Kadaki), Pitta Vikar (acidity), Urinary problems etc. In above symptoms 4 pills 4 times a day with water is the usual dosage. In hyper acidity 4 pills of Agom 15 mins before and 4 pills of Pachansudha after meals are to be given in addition. In Urticaria, Itching, Headache, additional dose of 2 pills of Ramban is to be given. In hyper acidity induced vomiting Gutika Shama should be given along with Pachansudha. 4 pills in the morning with water should be taken in summer, by those who suffer heat – sunstroke. The day will be spared. In case of late night 4 pills with water before sleeping and after awaking keeps away the after effects. Use of Shama oil along with the Gutika is necessary. Dribbling of urine or burning of urine, take continuously Gutiks Shama Ramban with water.

These pills are prepared from Kuda (Holarrhena anti-dysenterica) 3X-1.66%; Bel (Aegle marmelos) 3X-1.66%; Harda (Terminalia chebula) 3X-1.66% extremely effective on digestive disorders. In conditions, like pain in abdomen, flatulence, loose motion, vomiting, 2 – 4 pills should be taken every 15-30 mins according to the severity of the symptoms. The dose should be lowered as the severity decreases. In case of hyper-acidity and vomiting 2 – 2 pills of Shama should be supplemented. In case of dyspepsia, indigestion, hyper-acidity (acid gastritis), flatulence, Vaat Vikar 4 pills of Agom 15 mins before meals without water and 4 pills of Pachansudha after meals with water should be given. Same number of pills of Sushama should be taken as supplementary in vomiting and diarrhea due to poisoning.

These pills are prepared from Bramhi (Centelia asiatica) 3X -1%; Maka (Eclipta alba) 3X -1%;; Jaswand (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) 3X -1%; Vad (Ficus bengalensis) 3X -1%; Amla (Embilika officinalis) 3X -1%. 4 pills are to be taken twice daily with water , results are seen within 20 – 25 days. People with naturally thick hair, hairgrowth is abundant. Within 5-6 months growth of hair is prominent. It takes about a year and a half for a good visible growth of hair. The period cannot be reduced by increasing the number of pills. Application of oil to the hair is necessary and gives excellent results and hair become dark, strong and healthy. Yet it is seen that if application of oil is impossible use of the pills proves to be useful. In case of Women having problem of Menstrual Cycle should have Gutika Mahilamrut. Male having problem of wet dreams should take Gutika Stambhana. Sometimes these problems can also be root cause of hair falling. Dandruff – It causes hair loss. Apply Kondana drops thoroughly to the scalp. It helps to control dandruff and promotes hair growth.

SUKHADA GUTIKA (Helps to control piles)
Prepared from Suran (Amorphophallus capanulatus) 3X-1.66%; Bel (Aegle marmelos) 3X-1.66%; Harda (Termminalia chebula) 3X-1.66%. These pills are effective in troubles of anus. Piles, uneasy feelings at anus, eaching of anus in such symptoms take 4 pills of Sukhada gutika twice a day. Drink enough water everyday. Try to avoide Hot and spicy food. If anus is dry then use Sushama Malam.

Pills are made from Kadumimba (Azadiracta indica) 3X Shevari (Bombox mulabaricum) 3X, Vad Ficus bengalensis 3X. Wet dreams are very common in adolescence. Premature cjaculation can be a problem for some people. Take four pills twice daily regularly. Use Subala Oil for massage to supplement the treatment.

These pills are made from Nirgudi (Vitex nirgundo) 3X-1.66%; Erand (Ricinus communis) 3X-1.66%; Rasna (Pluchea lanceolala) 3X-1.66%. These pills are helpful in controlling Arthritis, Joint pain, Sweeling of joints. Pills should be taken along with Vatnashak oil. Dose is 4 pills twice daily.

These pills are prapared from fresh Wheat Grass 3X-5%. Wheat Grass is known to improve immunity. Use these pills instead of Wheat Grass. Dose is 4 pills twice daily.