Now a day’s dandruff is a common scalp disorder and it’s very irritating and annoying. It mostly occurs due to dry skin, the growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp, causing itchiness with more formation of dry skin flakes. 

Dandruff is featured by small white flakes falling from the scalp.  While a small amount is normal, as dead skin cells flake off your scalp this often leads to their shoulders being covered in tiny white snowflakes. Actually, dandruff is causing by dry skin, oily skin, diet, hygiene, and stress but scientists believe that dandruff is actually caused by fungal infection.

Natural home remedies for dandruff

1.       Treat your dry scalp with green tea: – green tea and peppermint essential oil have antioxidant it can help to promote scalp health, while conditioning hair.

2.       Control dandruff with Neem leaves:-  Neem is the best option for your hair. Neem leaves not   only relieve itching, but they also inhabit the over-growth of dandruff-causing fungus.

3.       Shampoo well:- Washing your hair properly after shampooing leads to build up of dead cells and oil on the scalp which may cause to dandruff. Wash your hair twice in a week with mild shampoo. If you are using conditioner after shampooing, make sure to apply it at least away from scalp and wash it off thoroughly so that no less left in the hair.

4.       Get a coconut oil massage:-  Coconut oil is another amazing anti-fungal food that is capable of killing the fungus and dandruff. Tea tree oil helps provide a nice shine to your hair.

5.       Lemon juice can help to control dandruff:-  Lemon juice contains acids that help break down the fungus that often causes of dandruff.  It also free from harsh chemicals that often do more harm than good to our hair and scalp and is completely natural and its leaves you smelling clean and fresh.

6.       Orange peels to conditioning your hair:-  Orange peel is another dandruff remedy that can be tried at home. The acidic quality of the curd not only helps combat dandruff, but it also gives shiny and soft texture hair.

Some of the known cause of dandruff:- There are two types of dandruff one occurs due to the dryness of the scalp, and other occurs due to the excessive production of oil on the scalp. The causes of dandruff are

1. Improper and irregular brushing of hair.

2. Improper diet.

3. Infrequent shampooing

4. Stress and certain illnesses.

The main cause of dandruff is poor hair brushing and shampooing habits, dry skin, stress, and improper diets, will make your hair and scalp more prone to dandruff. Try to focus on your diet with a sufficient supply of nutrients; the scalp will be more at risk for dryness and flaking. Drink sufficient water, Vitamin B in the food you consume.

Use our Kondana Drops for control dandruff this drops is prepared from Nimbu. Use this drops twice in a day.   Within a week you will see the positive results.          

KONDANA DROPS (Dandruff)  Medicine is prepared from Nimbu (Citrus acids) 3X; Korphad (Aloe barbadensis) 3X; Nim (Azadiracta indica) 3X. Dandruff is a common problem; it causes hair fall. Shake the bottle well, take Kondana on your palm and apply thoroughly to the scalp with the tip of fingers. Use twice daily. Within a week positive results should be seen.

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