SUSHAMA MALAM (Cracked feet)
It is prepared from the herbs Nyctanthes arbur tristis 3x; Ocimum sanctum 3x; Itching burning of skin, ringworm, eczema and other skin diseases can be treated with this ointments. Wash the affected part with water and gently rub Sushama Malam over it. With this irritation, burning and itching stops immediately.
Also two pills of SUSHAMA two times a day should be taken with water. SUSHAMA is the best remedy for Chopped lips and cracks on feet make it wet and then rub Sushama Malam 2-3 minutes generously over it. Even after apparent cure of skin condition. The ointement should be applied once in a day for six months. This is necessary to erradicate the infection completely.