KRISHNAKESHA TAILARK (Maintain natural hair shade)
This Tailark is made from herbs – Eclipta alba 3x,Embilica offitinatis 3x, Lawsoniais inermis 3x, Centella asiatica 3x. Mix 10 ml of Tailark with 110 ml of coconut oil. Shake well before use. Apply oil to the scalp at bed time. It may take 6 months to two years of time to get results. For better results put one drop of oil in nostrils at bed time. Oil treatment must be supported by Gutika Krishnakesha.

This oil is prepared from Prunus amygdalus 3x; Ficus bengelensis 3x; Cynodon dactylon 3x. It should be used with Gutika Subala. Shake well and mix it with 100 -150 ml.of coconut oil. Its best muscle toner, can be used for loose breast.

This oil is prepared from Commiphora mukul 3x Plumbago zeylanica 3x. Shake the bottle and mix it with 100-150 ml of coconut oil. Before bath and before bed, pour enough oil on the umbilicus and massage lightly over abdomen. Within 15 -20 days one can feel energetic. In this treatment, the use of oil is a must, while the use of pills are of secondary importance.

MAHILAMRUT TAILARK (Enjoy those four days)
This oil extract is prepared from herbs such as jenosia ashoka 3x; Hibiscus rosa- sinensis; Adhatoda vasica 3x. Shake well and mix Tailark with 100-150 grams of coconut oil. Shake well for 5 minutes before use.To enjoy those four days, apply oil on lower abdomen every day. During those days apply twice daily. For better results Mahilamrut Gutika should be taken regularly.

Keshranjana is one of the best Agom product for hair growth and maintaining natural colour. Two high acclaimed herbs. Centella asiatica 3x; Eclipta alba 3x. Shake the contents of the bottle before mixing with 100 to 150 gms. of Coconut oil depending upon the condition. Shake the bottle vigorously every time before use. Apply the oil liberally to the scalp. For silky – smooth, lustrous, long hair use Keshranjana Gutika with this oil. of 2 pills of Keshranjana two times a day with water are recommended. Applying oil on scalp and soles of feet at bedtime results in giving sound sleep.

AGOM TAILARK (Vat vikar, Cuts, Wounds)
This oil is prepared from Semicarpus anacardium 3x; Leucas cephalotes 3x in equal propotion. Shake the bottle and mix with 100 to 150 grams of coconut oil depending upon the severity of the ailment. Shake vigorously for 5 minutes before use.
Very useful in bleeding from an injury. Place a swab dipped in the oil on the wound bleeding will stop instantly. Corns of the foot should be scraped and cotton swab dipped in the oil should be placed on it. Corns will be completely cured. In inflamed piles, a swab dipped in oil should be placed inside the anal orifice and partly applied from outside. Trouble will be relieved and swab will fall off at the time of next evacuation.THIS OIL A MUST IN EVERY HOUSE.

SHAMA TAILARK (Acidity, Burning pain)
This is oil is prepared from herbs such as Tinospora cordifolia 3x; Eclipta alba 3x; Ficus glomerata 3x. This extract is very useful and be used in ordinary and Doshi fever, kadki, Measels, chickenpox, Jaundice, pitta-vikar, Jerrnajwar and Urine Troubles. Shake the bottle well and mix it with coconut oil 100 to 15 grams as per severity of pains. Shake the bottle for 5 minutes before use. This is supportive to pills Shama. In temperature use this oil by keeping on forehead cotton cloth patti soaked in the oil mixture. For headache and urinary trouble make use of this oil rubbbing on aling part.

KAFANA TAILARK (cough and Cold)
This oil is prepared from herbs Adhatoda vasica 3x; Aloe barbadensis 3x. The bottle should be taken well and depending upon the severity of the condition pour entire contents of the bottle into 100 to 150 grams of coconut oil and shake vigorously for 5 minutes. Along with pills KAFANA, external use of this oil is necessary.Relief is instantaneous in cough and whooping cough accumulation of phlegm breathlessness. T.B., Cough, Pneumonia, Influenza and some other conditions, oil concentrate should be applied lightly to the entire chest, ribs, back sumptuously. Congestion will be reduced. If there is a Headache due to cold apply to forehead, head. For blocking of nose, sinusitis, frontal headache, enlargement of turbinates in the nose, put 2 drops in each nostril. The operation may be prevented.

BALAVARDHINI TAILARK (Indigestion, loose motion)
This oil is prepared from Holarrhena antidysentrica 3x; Aegle marmelos 3x; Terminalia chebula 3x. After shaking oil-concentrate bottle, depending upon the severity of symptoms mix entire Contents of the bottle with 100-150 gm. Of coconut oil & shake vigorously for 5 minutes.
This oil increases the strength of muscles. In abdominal troubles along with Pills Pachansudha., it should be used externally. If the intestines are swollen or weakened it should be lightly applied to abdominal skin for 5 to 6 months. The oil should be lightly applied to the lower abdomen if uterus is not properly developed or due to its weakness abortions take place. Uterus will develop properly. If the heart is weak, oil should be lightly applied to the chest. It will be very useful. It cures loss of tone and weakness of muscles.

Shama Tailark (Acidity, Burning pain)
This extract is made from Apply Shama Oil thoroughly over abdomen at least twice daily. It can also help improve functions of Levers. Spleen and Kidneys.A headache due to Pitta. Apply ample Oil on the head for instant results.