KRUMINA GUTIKA (Deworming pills)
Embeloa ribes 3x ; Punica granatum 3x; Butea monsoperma 3x; Citrus acida 3x;Tinospora Cordifolia 3x; Terminalia arjuna 3x; holarrhena antidysenterica3x.These pills are effective in all types of worms. Dosage – 1-3 years- 2 pills at bedtime. 4-10 years – 4 pills at bedtime. Adults- 8- 10 pills at bedtime.The course should be repeated every three months.Some times worms are very small in size and are not visible by human eye.Signs & Symptoms – Flatuance, Stomachache, loss appetite, Continuous low temperature fever, headache, itching at anus, loose motions in small quantity these signs & symptoms are indicative of worms.The course should be started immediately. No side effects.

ASHMARI GUTIKA ( Urinary troubles)
Now a days Urine stone has become a common problem. These pills are made from Tribulas terrestris 3x; Berjenia ligulata 3x; Boerhavia diffusa 3x; Dolichos bifiorus 3x; Vetiveria zizannioides 3x. Dissolve 8-10 pills in one liter of water. The water should be taken throughout day. Massage with Tailark Shama on stomach is useful. No side effects.

KRISHNAKESHA GUTIKA (Maintain natural hair shade)
There are so many reasons for graying of hair. Maintain natural hair shade.These pills are formulated from herbs. Eclipta alba 3x; Embilica offcinalis 3x; Lawsonia Inermis 3x; Centella asiatica 3x; Tailark Krishnakesha must be applied along with these pills. Results can be seen within 6-24 months depending on age; Severity of the problem. Normally 4 pills twice a day are to be taken.After getting results dose should be reduced to 2 pills daily.

GAVAMBU GUTIKA(Gomutra pills)
These pills are made from Gomutra 3x (Cow’s urine). Dose is two pills thrice daily.

These pills are formulated from the herbs Azadirachta indica 3x; Bombax malabaricum 3x; Ficus bengalensis 3x. Pills are used in ‘Wet dreams’ Take 4 pills twice daily with water. Apply Tailarka Subala to penis.

ABHISARI GUTIKA (Helps to control blood pressure)
These pills are prepared from Ocimum sanctum 3x; Rauwolfia serpentina 3x.(equal proportion).Due to obstruction to blood circulation by VATA; blood pressure increases, similarly thickening of arteries or loss of tone of arteries is also responsible for blood pressure. To remove VATA from blood circulation which causes obstruction and to make arteries capable is what is desired in both high and low blood pressure. Take 2 pills 4 times a day it will help to control blood pressure.

MEHARI GUTIKA (Helps to control Diabetes)
These pills are prepared from herbs Aegle marmelos 3x; Azadirachta indica 3x;Eugenia jamblana 3x; Cassia fistula 3x; Petrocarpus marsupium 3x. Pills are helpful in controlling diabetes. Take 4 pills with water 3 times a day.

PAYADA GUTIKA (Lactating pills)
Prepared from Dudhwel (Asparaagus racemosus) 3X; and are useful in increasing breast milk, in lactating mothers. Dose- 4 pills twice daily with milk. It is a fashion of avoiding breast feeding in the modern world and also a difficulty of some mothers. Hence the baby is fed on baby foods.

These pills are prepared from Prunus amygdalus 3x; Ficus bengalensis 3x. Cynodon dactylon 3x. Weakness due to illness or other reasons can be treated with these pills. Take 4-4 pills twice a day with a cup of milk.If a child is not putting on weight 2-2 pills twice a day with cup of mik should be given.

BALADA GUTIKA (Teething Trouble)
These pills are prepared from herbs Ficus bengalensis 3x; Bannana shoots 3x. For teething troubles in children 2-2 pills 2 times should be given. If the problems severe; increase the dose. Habbit of mud eating same dose is given.

SUSHAMA GUTIKA ( Skin disorder, Chapped lips, cracked heels )
These pills are formulated from herbs. Nyctanthes arbur tristis 3x; Ocimum sanctum 3x. These pills are use full in skin diseases and other infections. Take two pills twice daily. To avoid side effects of strong medicines take 2 pills 4 times daily.

These pills are prepared from herbs Commiphora mukul 3x; Plumbago zeylanica 3x. The food we take is not properly assimilated and is converted into fat which gets deposited in the body and becomes a source of many diseases. If the Manipur chakra, situated behind the umbilicus is activated this complication is prevented. Yogasanas also achieve this but if it is not possible to you to perform yogasonas the experience is that it is achieved by remedial measure.In the morning after mouthwash 4-6 pills should be taken with water. Before bath and before going to bed at night sufficient CHAPALA oil should be poured on umbilicus and lightly massaged over the abdomen. Only taking pills is not enough, within 15-20 days after starting the treatment, In such case after starting this remedy, there is continuous running of nose .Do not try to stop this by taking other medicine.
In some cases there may be loose motions. It will give immediate relief. In some cases loose motions starts if there is excess of fecal matter in the bowel it is expelled. Abnoxious substances accumulated in the body must be expelled from the body through some medium. This remedy does works efficiently. This is the most important achievement of this remedy.

MAHILAMRUT GUTIKA (Enjoy those four days)
These pills are prepared from herbs Jenosia asoka 3x; Hibiscus rosasinensis 3x; Adhatoda vasica 3x. This is an excellent medicine to maintain woman health. For irregular monthly periods, excess or less menstrual bleeding pain in the abdomen at the time of menstruation take 2 pills 4 times a day and during menstruation 2 pills should be taken every half an hour till relief of symptoms is obtained.
A pregnant woman should take 2 pills four times a day after missing menstrual period. If is a boon to a pregnant woman. If she is troubled by a complication of pregnancy like vomiting and toxaemias of pregnancy then depending upon the severity of condition should take 4-20 pills with water every hour. During pregnancy at any time if there abdominal pain 8 pills should be taken. If abdominal pain is due to any other cause it will be relieved and if time is ripe, trouble-free delivery will take place. In this trouble use of oil is essential and effective.
Nausea vomiting in pregnancy is not a disease. It is an expression of changes taking place within the body and deficiency of nutrients necessity for the growth of foetus. Pills internally an oil concentrate Mahilamrut externally will positively reduce these symptoms if supported by Gutika Subala.

RAMBAN GUTIKA (Baby Tonic – Balkadu)
These pills are prepared from Ocimum sanctum 3x; Aegle marmelos 3x; Adhatoda vasica 3x; Terminalia chebula 3x. For infants and children give 2 pills a day or even 2 pills 2-3 times in a day. The child will grow healthy and will grow well. If child become restless or has distention of the abdomen, give 2 pills before milk feed.

AGOM GUTIKA (Vat vikar, Cuts, Wounds)
These pills are prepared by mixing equal parts of semi carpus anacardium 3x; Leucas cephalotes 3x. These pills are very effective in Vaata and simulate the action of other medicines and produce warmth in the body. For distension of abdomen, pain in the back and pelvic region, Agnimandya, indigestion, amla-pitta take 2-4 pills 15 minutes before meals.

KAFANA GUTIKA (Cough and Cold)
These pills are prepared from the herbs Adhatoda vasica 3x; Aloe barbadebnsis 3x. These pills are useful in common cold & cough, cough and whooping cough, asthama, cough in T.B., influenza, measles and pneumonia. In bronchial asthama pills Kafana and Agom 2-4 pills every 15 minutes with water be given.
When there is no breathlessness, an asthamatic should take daily 2 pills of each 4 times a day, In asthama it is necessary to use oil (con) Kafana also in influenza, Pneumonia & other fevers. If there is cough and cold, in addition, two pills Sharma and Kafna should be given. Children are harassed by a cough after measles. For this reason right from the begging of illness along with pills, Shama Kafana should be given.

SHAMA GUTIKA (Acidity, Burning pain)
These pills are prepared from herbs, Tinospora cordifolia 3x; Eclipta alba 3x; Ficus glomerata 3x in ordinary fever, Jaundice, Pitta-vikar. Jeernajwar, Urinary troubles, it is very useful. 2 pills 3 to 5 times a day should be given. In fever in addition to this, if 2 Ramban ills at given other complications do not occur. Pneumonia, Measles in addition to this 2 pills of Kafana should be given.
In Typhoid, fever in T.B. and other infectious fever in addition to this 2 pills of Sushama should be given. In Amla pitta and Jaundice in addition to this 15 minutes before. Meals 2 ills of Agom and afterwards 2 pills of Pachansudha should be given. If there is difficulty in passing urine, dripping and other urinary trouble, three pills +Ramban 2 pills should be given every 15 minutes with plenty of water. In sluggish fever, frequent rise of temperature and white clay-coloured stools in case of children. In addition to this Ramban 2 pills should be given.
Those who cannot bear the heat in a hot season should take 4 pills with water in the morning. There will be no trouble during the whole day. After keeping later hours before going to bed and after getting up if these pills are taken there will be no trouble due to keeping late hours. Along with this oil concentrated, Shama should be used externally.

PANCHASUDHA GUTIKA (Indigestion, loose motion)
These pills are prepared from herbs, Holarrhena Antidysenterica 3x; Aegle marmelos 3x; Terminalia chebula 3x. Very useful in digestive disorders, pain in the abdomen, distension, diarrhea dysentery, cholera vomiting. Depending upon the severity of symptoms. In case of pitta, bitter vomit and nausea, in addition. Take one pill of Shama for loss of appetite, indigestion amla-pitta, jaundice, distension of abdomen, vaata-vikar take 2 pills of Agom 15 minute before meals and after meals 1-2 pills of Pachansudha along with water. For vomiting and diarrhoea or cholera and poisoning, take Sushama pills along with these pills.


KESHARANJANA GUTIKA is the hair tonic effectively work on hair loss, hair Care, dandruff & other types of diseases. These pills are formulated from two herbs, Centella asiatica 3x; Eclipta alba 3x.Simultaneously with Kesharanjana oil to be applied. Dosage is of 2 pills, to be taken with a water twice a day. Fall of hair will stop in about 20/25 days. There after continue taking 2 pills per day.There will not be the abundant growth of hair in case of people having thin lines of hair.
However, in people with naturally thick hair but loosing rapidly, there will be the good growth of once again. Only 2 pills a day taken with water will show good result in 5-6 months. For healthy and plentiful growth of permanent nature pills to be continued for 11/2 years.It is essential to apply oil also so as to get dark, soft and healthy hair. In case oil is not available, pills taken regularly can be helpful too, It is observed that about 20-25 days are required to prevent falling of hair and about 1-11/2 years required for good growth. Pills of Gutika Keshranjana to be dissolved with a tablespoon full of water. Apply that water to the scalp to get an early good result.
For dandruff ‘Kondana’ apply to scalp. More pills have taken over and above the recommended dose, help in reducing time.

SUKHADA GUTIKA (Helps to control piles)
Prepared from Suran (Amophophallus capanulatus) 3X; Bel (Aegle marmelos) 3X; Harda (Termminalia chebula) 3X. These pills are effective in troubles of an anus. Uneasy feelings at the anus, eaching of the anus in such symptoms take 4 pills of sukhada gutika twice a day. Drink enough water every day. Try to avoid Hot and spicy food. If anus is dry then use Sushama Malam.

Pills are made from Kadumimba (Azadiracta indica) 3X Shevari (Bombox mulabaricum) 3X, Vad Ficus bengalensis 3X. Wet dreams are very common in adolescence. Premature cjaculation can be a problem for some people. Take four pills twice daily regularly. Use Subala Oil for massage to supplement the treatment.