Agom was initiated by Late Vd. Shree S.G Alias Mama Mahajan in 1950s. His avid interest in medicine human service resulted in a primary medical aid center for his village.Later shouldered the responsibility of managing a hostel.Treating the members of the hostel added to his experience and boosted his confidence. When Shree Mahajan realized that each of the existing medical therapies had one or the other drawbacks, he thought of bringing in a different trait in medicine, which would be simple, easy and moreover without any side effects. While studying different systems he came across Dr.Kulkarni’s Electro Homoeopathy and learned that these medicines are purely herbal and harmless. Dr. Ghosh’s Book ‘Drugs of Hindustan’ directed his efforts towards his goal.


Our medicines are harmless, absolutely free of complications and without any reactions or side- effects & are very easy to administer.

The properties of herbal decoctions, remain unaltered for about a year, but the properties of Matras for year together. These medicines are nothing but modern matras.

The key to a healthy life is mild household remedy. Every professional feels that his own system is the best and most complete. But every system has its own plus as well as minus points. Therefore we should extract the best from each of the system available and lead a healthy life.

The medicinal properties of plants are known to us by our daily experiences or told by Ayurveda for e.g.:- Adulsa (Adhatoda vasica) destroys Kafa and Guduchi (Tinospora Cardifolia) is antipyretic, etc. The medicines prepared by ‘Sukshma / Agom’ method from these medicinal plants retain their original properties. This was a bright new concept in medicinal world.

The medicines are prepared from the view of household remedies and therefore are mild in nature.Therefore these medicines are harmless even when consumed by children or used wrongly.

Since prepared from a view of household remedies, these medicines are mild innature; they are expected to work as household remedies on the indicated diseases.Timely treatment restricts the advancement of the diseases and the body can recover within a short period of time, this feature is very important.

Today people have come to know the reaction and side effects of some strong modern medicines. The ignorant has turned towards the medicinal world whereas the people who are health cautious demand milder treatment. The immediate effects of these strong drugs are now well known. But moreover, it’s dangerous after effects cause decreased immunity in infants,one should be aware of this situation.

‘BATAWA’ (Home Remedies) – A NECESSITY
Today we are lagging behind in all aspects. Though the older faith, traditions, remedies have vanished, newer aspects have not yet taken over them. For minor ailments like cold, fever & aches a doctor has to be summoned. This dependence on strong curatives leads to a series of reactions and side-effects, even the infants are made to suffer, when they need a milder therapy. Today, though medical aid is easily available, household remedies are a must. They are a boon while travelling. Emergency can be handled with these simple remedies at times when medical aid is unavailable. Therefore our medicines are welcomed by the people.

All the major aliments have their roots in this fatigue & uneasiness.The Vata, is the primary cause to all the diseases which cannot be diagnosed, hence timely treatment can arrest further advancement of the disease.Women usually tend to neglect these ailments and also the treatment.This aggravates the problem. When handy, one tends to take medicines readily and further complications do not arise.Our medicines, being handy, fully meet these necessities.

Similar to oral medicine, Tailark (oil concentrates) massaged externally over the affected parts is absorbed rapidly through the skin. The effectis similar to that of the injection.

Atomic properties of the elements were known to us since the Vedic times and are found in day to day life. The use of medicinal plants to improve and maintain human health indicates the above concept. Tulsi, Durva, Bilva, Pipal, Umbar are used in Sukshma form. Surroundings of these plants have a similar influence which is enough to work on the human body, this is the concept of Sukshmata. (Nano effect)
Yajnya Samidhas are a similar example. Arka, Palash, Khadir, Apamarga, Pipal, Umber, Shami, Durva are used as Samidha and offered in the Yajnya. The properties of these plants are transmitted to the surroundings, purifying atmosphere. Applying these ashes show similar properties.
Water with Bilva, Tulsi & Durva dipped in it is used as ‘Teerth’. Similarly bathing with Rudraksha around the neck, and drinking water from a copper vessel are all indicative of the above therapy.

Twings of Narvel, Nirgudi are kept in the puerperal room, fanning with the twings of Shewaga and Nirgudi, show the knowledge of Sukshmata.But today these practices are found to be vanished.

Vaidya Late Shri S . G . Mahajan
Pioneer of Sukshma Ayurveda