Some of the reasons that people get grey hairs are:

  1. Aging: It has always been a fact that age leads to greying of hair. There is a rule known as 50-50-50 that is described by the dermatologists all around and Dr. Anthony Oro says that, “fifty percent of the population has about 50% grey hair at the age of 50”. Similar to other parts of our body hair also undergoes change as one starts aging.
  2. Ethnicity: What nation one stays in, nationality and race is also another factor. The people who get grey hair the earliest are Caucasians, people who have read hairs and then comes the Asians. Next,are the African-Americans and no one has been able to figure the cause to this occurence.
  3. Stress: Effect of stress has been seen to cause skin and hair problems, for example when someone loses hair after going through stress or some illness that has caused stress, upon recovering when the hair grew again it might so happen that they might grow in a different color.
  4. Lifestyle: Having a lifestyle where you have habits like smoking can cause effects on your hair. The necessary vitamins and nutrients are lost which might lead to hair loss and later greying of hair.
  5. Hair and its color: There are different cells that produce hair and different cells that form the pigment. Usually, both these cells are produced in coordination, however, sometimes either of the two might start wearing out in a premature manner and this might lead to greying of hair prematurely.
  6. Bleaching: Usually when people want to have blonde hair they bleach it with the help of hydrogen peroxide, however sometimes there is natural occurrence of hydrogen peroxide in the follicles of our hair and as you go on aging it starts to build up leading to grey hair.



There are many more reasons for hair to change its color and Krishnakesha Gutika pills are the solution for all such problems because it will help in retaining the natural color of your hair. The components that are comppsed in this pills are all herb they include:

  1. Eclipta alba: Since it looks like a daisy flower it has the name “false daisy.” It is known by few other names like ‘yerba de ago’, ‘Karisalankanni’, and ‘bhringraj’. It has been made use since ancient times for various purposes.
  2. Emblica Officinalis: Commonly known as gooseberry, it is also known by many other names, emblic, emblic myrobalan, and in India known as amla. It is a great sources of antioxidants and Vitamin C.
  3. Lawsonia Inermis: It is commonly known as Hina and also with other names like a mignonette tree and the Egyptian privet. It has a dye in it which helps in dying hair, skin and clothes. The cuticles of hair are sealed by using this,making the hair shiny.
  4. Centella Asiatica: Centella is the name by which it is commonly known by and Asiatic pennywort and Gotu Kola are other names. This herb helps in strengthening the follicles by providing nourishment to the scalp.

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