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A common cold is defined as upper respiratory infection caused by a virus that affects nose and also affect on throat, sinuses, and headache but not the lungs. Cold is occurring illness in the full world, the common cold is a self illness caused by one or more then 250 viruses.

There are some home remedies to control cold and cough:-

The most common home remedies for cold include gargling with salt water, rest and steam for throat. Herbs like Echinacea may be effective for reducing symptoms of a cold. If you suffering from high blood pressure, talk to your doctor before you take any medicine for cold. If you have blood pressure issues, then the medicine may complicate your condition.

Symptoms of Cold

The symptoms of cold arise rarely, knowing the difference between cold and flu can help you decide how to treat your condition and whether you need to see your doctor.

Nasal symptoms include:

  • Sinus pressure

  • stuffy nose

  • headache

  • runny nose

  • loss of smell or taste

  • watery nasal secretions

Head symptoms include:

  • Headache

  • watery eyes

  • sore throat

  • cough

  • swell on throat

Whole body symptoms include:

  • General tiredness

  • chills

  • body aches

  • low fever

  • chest discomfort

  • Difficulty to breathing deeply.

Prevention for cough and cold

There are many factors that can cause a cold, it is necessary to prevent as soon as possible and there are some precautions that help avoid cough and cold. These include:-

  • Avoid contact with someone who is suffering from cold.

  • Eat healthy food like rich fruits, Vitamins and vegetables to help keep the immune system strong.

  • When coughing makes sure it is done into a tissue.

  • If you snooze into your hands, make sure you wash them with water immediately.

  • Wash your hands regularly because cold virus can be transmitted from one person to another by touch.

  • Keep your bathroom clean.

  • Avoid touching your face, specially your nose and mouth.

Natural prevention from cold

  1. Don’t smoke

  2. Eat healthy food

  3. Wash your hands regularly

  4. Do aerobics exercise regularly

  5. Don’t touch your face

  6. Drink warm water.

Agom introduce Kafana Gutika for cough and cold. These pills are prepared by herbs. Take 2-4 pills every 15 minutes with water.

KAFANA GUTIKA (Cough and Cold)
These pills are prepared from the herbs Adhatoda vasica 3x; Aloe barbadebnsis 3x. These pills are useful in common cold & cough, cough and whooping cough, asthama, cough in T.B., influenza, measles and pneumonia. In bronchial asthama pills Kafana and Agom 2-4 pills every 15 minutes with water are given.
When there is no breathlessness, an asthmatic should take daily 2 pills of each 4 times a day, in asthma it is necessary to use oil (con) Kafana also in influenza, Pneumonia & other fevers. If there is cough and cold, in addition, two pills Sharma and Kafna should be given. Children are harassed by a cough after measles. For this reason right from the begging of illness along with pills, Shama Kafana should be given.

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